Sixth Form Enrichment

November 21st 2021

As a Sixth Form, we are dedicated to not only providing students with the resources for an excellent education, but the vital experience they need for their CVs and future occupations. We run a weekly enrichment programme, in which the students can choose an experience to undergo either within the school or externally. Examples include younger student mentoring, primary school helpers, care home visits, running clubs or teaching lessons. We work hard to ensure that our students carry out tasks that will benefit them in future endeavours whilst enjoying themselves and improving their social skills. Here, we include some pictures of our students carrying out their enrichment and what they themselves have to say about the experience.

Elkie, our head girl here at Tabor, and Harrison, our deputy head boy, volunteer at a local care home.  Whilst there, they help the staff with tasks that need completing for the residents and gain a feel for reacting to unique situations efficiently. Elkie says that she believes “it will help to prepare me for the career that I’m aiming for in the future, which is medicine”.

Calder, a devout member of the Catholic Church, teaches a Religious Education class, going over key religious viewpoints alongside societal debates. He offers up this knowledge to the younger members of the school in the hopes that the experience will benefit him in his future journey as a priest.  

Ashleigh, Elizabeth, Julia and Brooke all help out at the local primary school, teaching the children basic reading and writing skills and assisting with creative activities. Ashleigh told us that she chose this option because “I want to work with children when I’m older so this is a wonderful chance for me to practice my communication skills”. The girls also mentioned that they like the fact they can form a close bond with the children, preparing them for their future educational journeys and it gives them a sense of aiding the community.Sophie is another of our students who picked their enrichment in correlation to a job, opting to run a Makaton club. Makaton is designed to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties. It uses signs and symbols, with speech, in spoken word order. Sophie chose this route because she works with children outside of the school who have difficulty with communication and use this method, so it was a great opportunity for her to practice whilst teaching other members of the school.

Ruby, Megan, Katie, Aimee and Ellie each assist in the mentoring of art classes within the school. They agreed that the best part was witnessing the growth of each students’ artistic ability from when they first walked into the classroom to the present. They love the destressing nature of the class, with Megan stating that she “couldn’t be happier with her placement”.

Alongside offering these activities and many more, at Tabor we strive to become the bridge between educational dreams and graspable reality through encouraging students studying public services to take the steps to social care. In order to further adhere to the needs and interests of the Sixth Formers, as apart of enrichment, a social worker came in to the school to share their knowledge and discuss with Sixth Formers the reality of social work. Within the discussion an array of topics was conversed, such as what steps are needed to enter the world of social work, the importance of dedication at A-levels, how the students themselves feel about the career and their understanding of what social work really is. The students left the discussion feeling informed and prepared for their necessary hard work and the requirements needed to achieve their potential goals.

‘I had a general discussion with five students studying public services on what social work is and the entry requirements needed to pursue the career in the future, they had a great grasp of what it is to become a social worker. I found the day good and was motivated myself that there were students that had passion for going into social work like myself. The students were fantastic and I’m happy I was able to share my knowledge and possibly influence them to go down the social care route’.

-Social worker for enrichment