World Book Day 2022

March 14th 2022

For the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, Tabor Academy celebrated in a number of ways. Poetry discussions, a whole school quiz and a celebration of reading tea party were held, but the largest challenge throughout the school was the Door Design Challenge.

Each tutor group had the challenge of designing the door to their form room based on either an author or one of their famous works. Copious amounts of braincells, tape, blue tac, paper and sheer will-power were used in transforming doors throughout the school into eye-catching displays celebrating reading. These were then scrutinised and judged by our sixth form students.

The students expressed their love of reading, in many cases unanimously deciding to recreate scenes from their favourite childhood texts, which now stand as a testament to their passion for stories and their love of reading. Here are a few of our standout competition entries.

WBD Entries for Website