Harry Potter Trip Summer 2022

May 30th 2022

Harry Potter Trip Summer 2022 3

The English department had the great pleasure in taking 60 Year 7 students to Harry Potter World. Upon arrival, we were led through the corridors of the studio and up to a Harry Potter themed classroom. There were exhibits of original costumes, worn by the actors themselves! The students had a super lesson! They learnt how to pitch film ideas to potential investors at Warner Brothers using a range of persuasive devices.

With their tummy’s rumbling, there was time for a short break before the grand tour began. We visited the ‘Great Hall’ and ‘Dumbledore’s office’ as well as ‘Hagrid’s shack.’  Students were snapping pictures as they walked around; there was so much to see!  Platform 9 ¾ was a real highlight with a full-size steam train at the station.

After a packed lunch and a drink of ‘butter beer’, we were off for the second half of the visit. Diagon Alley and a model (yet still huge) size of Hogwarts awaited us.  It was fascinating and the students loved every second of it. We shall be returning next year!